E-Classic is an Ercanlar Automotive brand.

Since 1922 till today..

Our History has beginning 1922 in Ankara-Ulus-Ford Garage. Our Career went on 1949 in Sogukkuyu New Industry Street further. The Ercanlar Automotive moved for better services in 1965 into the larger automotive industry street

in the new building with two floors.

The Ercanlar Automotive Team has with the aim of getting bigger to will be. In the 21. Street from Automobile Industry , they opened a 700 square meters with 3 floors for good services.

We are always the first with of news in the services

Ercanlar Automotive was eternally be go on first with of news for better services. In 1998, they are Brabus distributor for 10 years in Turkey. The Ercanlar Automotive is be go one from Bosch Car authorized service, and they was the first one in Turkey with the Original Bosch Mot 501 device and this was very doped for this sectory.

Always Forward

The Ercanlar Automotive team has for many years in the Metropilitan Ankara for presidency, ministries, provincial governor, civil society organizations, unions, municipalities and embassies are do maintaining the vehicle services has given. In year 2000, along with our Auto Service in Şaşmaz They have a second office for showrooms , 0 Miles vehicle imports, sells and quick service oppened in Çankaya Turan Gunes on boulevard. With the third office in Istanbul Akmerkez, they are go one to bigger.

The the owner from third genaration Haydar Ercan has in there 92 th year of service from Ercanlar Automotive, he is in year 2005 oppened for the company's growth and continuity the Ercanlar Plaza on to way from Konya this plaza is 4200 square meters for better services for this sector with the best technology in this Businiss.

Ercanlar Automotive vehicle sales and after-sales services, Bosch Car Service Centre authorized byat individuals, companies, institutions and organizations continues to serve .

Why is Classics?

This expensive hobby is not just a hobby but also be considered as an investment. The reason is this passion's getting widespread. People who has this passion has plenty of reasons. The film that he watched when he was just a little kid could caused him to this passion. He may also created a link with this as his grandfather or father had a car like that. No matter what era do these cars belong, they are as precious as irreversable past.

1955 Ford Fairlane Victoria

Mr. Haydar Ercan's classic car passion has started with his father's 1955 Ford Fairlane Victoria.